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Cyclone Mooring Installation, Cairns Trinity Inlet

Tim North Marine is the Great Barrier Reef mooring specialist, installing boat moorings along the East Coast of Australia, the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Torres Strait. Having completed both large and small scale cyclone mooring installations, we work directly with you to develop and maintain a safe shelter in the event of severe weather and cyclones.

Allow us to take the hassle out of your cyclone mooring installation. We deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions for both commercial and private boat operators. Our cyclone moorings are installed to swing with tidal, wind and wave action; and to withstand cyclone conditions common in Australia.

Where severe weather is concerned, preparation is key. Marine weather forecasts are generally accurate when predicting major weather events such as tropical cyclones, but can be less accurate when predicting local severe weather such as high winds, storms and surge. Being prepared is essential to ensuring the safety of your vessel/s.

Visit the Bureau of Meteorology website for up to date forecasts on marine weather conditions, tidal conditions, wind and coastal warnings. Prepare your vessel for severe weather well in advance and have a cyclone mooring installation ready-to-go and well maintained to provide a safe harbour.

Be Cyclone Mooring Prepared

We organise every aspect of your installation; from consultation services on mooring requirements, specifications, location and hardware supply. We stock complete boat moorings, providing installation and compliance certificates in accordance with your local regulating authorities; such as MSQ mooring compliance and GBRMPA mooring compliance guidelines.



Harbour Evacuation Assistance – Vessel Relocation Service to Far North Queensland

Tim North Marine is an all services marine company, operating Australia-wide, our head offices are based in Cairns Queensland. While we install cyclone moorings across the whole of the East Coast of Australia, we offer vessel relocation services – including harbour evacuation assistance – to Far North Queensland vessel owners.

If you may require your vessel to be relocated in the event of a mandatory harbour evacuation order, Tim North Marine can assist. Please contact us if you need assistance or towage of your vessel to your cyclone mooring installation or another safe harbour. In the event of a harbour evacuation, if you direct us to do so, we can assist you to move your vessel safely to your preferred location.