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Rope Supply & Mooring Fabrication

We supply boat mooring and rope supplies throughout Australia.

As boat mooring experts we can assist with design, production and installation of vessel moorings – including compliance obligations.

We supply components of mooring systems individually, as well as fully fabricated ropes and complete boat moorings. As industry experts in mooring compliance, we can tailor your specifications to ensure Australian vessel standards are met.

Take the hassle and stress out of fabricating your own systems.

Our expert team can assist with every aspect – from outlining exactly what’s required to meet survey, delivering high-quality products direct to your premises and vessel mooring installation.

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Component Stockists

As boat mooring experts, our knowledge of the components required is second to none. We provide and/or advise on all necessary components, including but not limited to:

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Mooring System Services

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Load Testing Services

Mooring Location Consultants

Mooring Installation

Mooring Compliance

Mooring Inspection & Repair

All types of moorings – Vessels, watercraft/pontoons/helipads, reef moorings, inlet moorings, cyclone moorings, yacht moorings



Mooring Rope Fabrication

Mooring Rope & Mooring Supplies ǀ Tim North Marine ǀ Mooring Line Specialists ǀ Rope Fabrication Service

One of our most popular marine services is meeting your mooring rope fabrication requirements.

We specialise in both supply and/or fabrication of your mooring line needs.

Tim North Marine has been conducting rope fabrication, installation and load testing for over 30 years. Our knowledge of the components and specifications are second to none.

Our rope fabrication is routinely inspected and passed by a Marine Surveyor for quality assurance. We supply fully fabricated lines to meet your vessel specifications.

Let us meet your mooring rope requirements so you can get back to what you do best!


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