Australian Offshore Supply Vessel Company and Offshore Support Vessel Charters

Offshore Supply Vessels Queensland providing remote area resupply and offshore support from CairnsTim North Marine provides Australian offshore supply vessels, in a variety of capacities. Servicing areas inside the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), we are based in Queensland and operate primarily along the East Australian Seaboard.

Providing offshore support to remote regions and industries forms an integral part of what we do. We pride ourselves on cost-effective service with a time-conscious and safety orientated approach.

Our partnerships with clients across Australia see us providing marine offshore support in a variety of situations – often in remote or complex circumstances.

Offshore Supply Vessel Services and Offshore Support Services:

We currently offer offshore support to clients including, but not limited to:

  • Offshore Accommodation for Crew and Workers
  • Offshore Supply Services of Freight and Goods
  • Offshore Support: Personnel Transportation
  • Offshore Supply of Fuel
  • Offshore Supply of Food and Water
  • Logistical Solutions and Supplies to Remote Areas

What Will Our Offshore Supply Service Deliver?

We understand that an offshore supply service must be flexible and will do our very best to accommodate any offshore deliveries that are needed inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park area.

Our ample storage shed facilities in the heart of the Cairns central business area can take and store deliveries, parts and freight ready for when it needs to be delivered.

What does our Offshore Supply Service commonly deliver?

  • Food and Beverage Resupply  Our full, onboard walk-in-fridges and walk-in-freezers are ready to transport goods from Cairns Port to anywhere within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
  • Fuel Resupply  We deliver fuel to remote regions, islands and offshore vessels. Our vessels can transport and transfer fuel from ship-to-ship, where possible, following a full risk analysis and meeting all legal obligations. Where applicable, we submit an application for approval to the necessary regulating authorities. As there are several considerations for each fuel resupply service, please email us or call our helpful support team for more information on refuelling offshore and refuelling in the Great Barrier Reef region.
  • Machinery, Engine Parts, Goods and Freight  Tim North Marine delivers items from Cairns Port directly to areas inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Our large storage facilities can take and store your deliveries ready for direct transport to you.

What do Australian Offshore Supply Vessel Companies Do?

Within Australia, offshore supply vessel companies provide a range of necessary and essential support services to remote regions, locations accessible only over water and to industries that operate out at sea. These include areas of Australia such as inhabited islands offshore, the oil and gas industries, marine weather stations and bases of scientific research.

Australian offshore supply vessel companies don’t just service the maritime sector. There are many other industries requiring offshore supplies. With its vast coastline and extensive island groups, there are many regions within Australian waters and the surrounding territories that rely on essential supplies; including food, water, fuel, freight and personnel transfer.

Australian offshore supply vessel companies are set up to provide logistical services that would otherwise be unavailable. They see a need for a problem to be solved or demand within a particular sector and find a safe and reliable method to assist.

Offshore support vessel companies often come up against a variety of challenges that must be overcome. Weather conditions are always a key factor to consider when planning any support vessel operations within Australian waters, because of the extreme conditions that are common and specific to each region. Time also is a factor to consider, as areas that require offshore suppliers are usually dependant on the delivery of goods, personnel or services in order to function effectively.