About Us

Australian family-owned and operated, Tim North Marine is one of Australia’s leading small-business marine contractors in Queensland.

Based in Cairns Queensland, with offices also in Mackay, our vessels are surveyed to work anywhere in Australia – inside the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) – with our main area of operation being Queensland’s iconic Great Barrier Reef region. This includes the area extending upwards to the Torres Strait.

Our mission is to support growth and productivity across the maritime sector. We work with owners and operators to streamline marine services and achieve goals, with a time-conscious and safety-orientated approach.

Our company began in 1989 as ‘The Great Barrier Reef Mooring Specialists’ – with the founder and namesake, Tim North, pioneering mooring installation, to reduce coral damage from anchors. Today we have grown to offer a wide range of statewide marine services and supplies to fit your needs.

Over 30 years, Tim North Marine has built an exemplary reputation as a reliable and highly professional marine contractor, in the private sector, Government and marine tourism industries.

We’re the marine services company with a “yes we can” approach. Our high standing reputation has seen us planning, working-on and completing projects across a range of maritime industries – often in challenging and remote locations.

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Our Values

As a crew of dedicated Mariners, our passion for the ocean is at the heart of Tim North Marine – with conservation and reef protection being how the company originated.

We commit to sustainable practices. In 2014 we attained our Advanced Eco Certification and Climate Action Business accreditations. We work hard to sustain these ratings and will continue to improve, protect and promote awareness around ocean conservation and Great Barrier Reef initiatives. For more information on the climate action program, click here.

We are continually looking for ways to innovate and inspire others around us, including working closely with universities by providing vessels and crew for scientific research. We’ve worked alongside the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center and the WWF on turtle research and release projects, as well as contributing to the Minke Whale Project’s tagging research.

We’d love to share more about what we do with you. Visit our
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Company Story

Our History

Founded by renowned mariner and businessman Tim North, an exceptional commercial dive company grew from a love of the Pacific Ocean and a desire to assist businesses to thrive in their fields. Tim was instrumental in implementing positive changes to protect and showcase Australia’s natural assets, including the Great Barrier Reef. This included working closely with both the Government and private sectors to reduce coral damage from vessel anchors.

Tim was active in encouraging moorings to be installed across the whole of the Great Barrier Reef – with boat mooring installation, supply and maintenance still forming a cornerstone of our marine contractor services.

Over 300 boat mooring systems and over 35 reef pontoons have been installed by Tim North Marine, across Australia and the Pacific Ocean.

Under Tim, the company expanded statewide, growing its fleet and services to include harbour towage and offshore supply vessels for remote QLD regions and beyond.

Company Profile:

Tim North Marine is owned and operated by two Australian families – the current generation of mariners. The excellent standards remain as Tim’s legacy continues, and we strive toward even greater levels of service and professionalism. As individuals, the owners have all been influenced heavily by Tim North – working mainly alongside each other.

Our managing owner/operators, Courtney Hansen and Ben Hales have dedicated their careers to the maritime industry and are the motivated faces of Tim North Marine today.

Tim North himself is still actively involved in operations – as both Skipper and Project Consultant.


Meet the Tim North Marine Team:

Highly respected throughout the industry for their depth of knowledge and expertise, are our Marine Managers, Courtney and Ben. They will be your direct point of contact while working with us.

Director – Courtney Hansen

About Us ǀ Tim North Marine ǀ Meet the Team, Courtney Hansen ǀ Tug Boat Charters ǀ Boat Mooring Installations ǀ Boat Mooring Supplies Australia

Courtney Hansen is an experienced Master IV Skipper, Diver and Operations Manager, with 12 years’ experience in the marine services industry and eight years in the commercial sector. Courtney has been a key crew member of Tim North Marine, working alongside Tim for seven years before becoming an owner-operator. Her knowledge of all facets of the business is second to none.

Courtney started her career in charter fishing and as a dive boat Captain in tourism. Courtney was the first-ever, permanent female Captain at ‘Sea Swift’ – Australia’s largest privately-owned, domestic freight shipping company. During her time at Sea Swift, Courtney was Ships Master of a 50-meter, 1300-ton landing barge, operating throughout the eastern seaboard of QLD, the Torres Straits, Gulf of Carpentaria and Darwin.

In 2015 Courtney won the ‘Llyod List, Young Maritime Professional of the Year’ award for her achievements in the marine industry. Courtney’s favourite venture to date has been acting as Project Manager and Skipper of a remote pearl-farm salvage, undertaken by commercial divers in the South Pacific Ocean for the New Zealand Government.



Director – Ben Hales

About Us ǀ Tim North Marine ǀ Meet the Team Ben Hales ǀ Tug Boat Charters ǀ Boat Mooring Installations ǀ Boat Mooring Supplies AustraliaBen Hales is a skilled Master IV Skipper, Marine Engineer, Diver and Operations Manager with over 15 years’ industry experience. Ben was raised in a maritime family working on the water. He started driving commercial tourist vessels at the age of 19 and large liveaboard vessels as Master IV Skipper at the age of 23.

Ben has managed teams of over 80 crew and has worked in the mining sector, QLD Great Barrier Reef tourism and private white-boat yachting industries.

His strengths are engineering, logical problem solving and technical acuity. Ben is a keen fisherman and spear-fisher.

“Expanding infrastructure across the whole of the Great Barrier Reef region makes it an exciting and inviting time to be at the heart of the maritime industry. As part of a network of dedicated local and national mariners, we form part of a community working together to ensure Australia is at the forefront of marine innovation.”



Chief Commercial Dive Supervisor – Ryan Kobalt

About Us ǀ Tim North Marine ǀ Meet the Team, Ryan Kobalt ǀ Tug Boat Charters ǀ Boat Mooring Installations ǀ Boat Mooring Supplies AustraliaRyan joined the Tim North Marine family in 2015. As our senior ADAS qualified commercial diver and occupational Dive Supervisor, Ryan has been involved and overseen many marine projects; including the deconstruction and removal of the 1950’s underwater observatory at Green Island and the installation or service of over 300 moorings across the whole of the Great Barrier Reef region of QLD.

Ryan is an experienced Master V Skipper and MED 1. Ryan’s extensive resume of marine contractor projects includes fly-in-fly-out assignments for the gas and oil industries as well as a multitude of commercial diving and wharf-infrastructure projects.





Website, Media & Marketing – Lucy Davies

About Us ǀ Tim North Marine ǀ Meet the Team, Lucy Davies ǀ Tug Boat Charters ǀ Boat Mooring Installations ǀ Boat Mooring Supplies AustraliaLucy’s career has spanned the marine tourism and tourism administration industries. With Tim North Marine, Lucy’s role is website management and administration. Lucy looks after our marketing, social media and press releases.

“With two highly skilled and experienced Marine Managers at the helm of the company, my role on the Tim North Marine team is website design and maintenance, social media and press releases, and brand awareness. I am passionate about communication and have a background in marketing and web development.”