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Commitment to Sustainable Practices ǀ Tim North Marine ǀ Turtle Rehabilitation Sponsor and Release Assistance
Tim North Marine Sponsored the Rehabilitation & Release of a Rescued Turtle

As a crew of dedicated Mariners, our passion for the ocean is at the heart of Tim North Marine – with a commitment to sustainable practices, conservation and reef protection being how the company originated.

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Maintaining a focus on health and safety, the environment and supporting industry productivity is underpinned by a deep respect of the areas in which we are privileged to work.

We have a commitment to sustainable practices. In 2014 we attained our Advanced Eco Certification and Climate Action Business accreditations. We work hard to sustain these ratings and will continue to improve, protect and promote awareness around ocean conservation.

Tim North Marine are continually looking for ways to innovate and inspire others around us, including working closely with universities by providing vessels and crew for scientific research. We’ve worked alongside the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center and the WWF’sRivers to Reef to Turtles Project“, as well as contributing to the Minke Whale Project’s tagging research.

Our Action To Reduce Emissions & Promote Sustainable Reef Practices
  • We minimise waste, recycle and use recycled products and materials whenever possible
  • We now measure and track our carbon footprint annually using the GBRMPA emissions calculator
  • We participate in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s ‘Sightings Network Program – Eye on the Reef’
  • Our vessels are serviced regularly to maintain optimum fuel efficiency
  • Charter activities have minimal impact and promote the unique value of the reef environment
  • We promote and facilitate the expansion of private mooring infrastructure within the Marine Parks
  • We attained Advanced Eco and Climate Action Certified Business Certification in 2014, and work hard to continually sustain these ratings. These nationally recognised certification programs recognise businesses who are taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint and practice sustainable and responsible reef practices.
  • We contribute to the Minke Whale Project’s tagging research and our vessels are made available to the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center to assist in releasing rehabilitated turtles into the wild.
Commitment to Sustainable Practices: Want to Learn More – Visit These Sites*

GBRMPA – gbrmpa.gov.au/our-work/threats-to-the-reef/climate-change

‘Eye on the Reef’ Sightings Network Program – gbrmpa.gov.au/our-work/our-programs-and-projects/eye-on-the-reef

Ecotourism Australia – ecotourism.org.au/

Ergon Energy Green Power- ergon.com.au/retail/business/account-options/clean-energy-program

Climate Action Certification ecotourism.org.au/our-certification-programs/eco-certification-3/

Carbon Offset Watch – environment.gov.au/climate-change/

Minke Whale Project –minkewhaleproject.org

Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre – cairnsturtlerehab.org.au/

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Tim North Marine Commitment to Sustainable Practices ǀ Climate Action Business  Tim North Marine Commitment to Sustainable Practices ǀ Advanced Eco Certified